So what really sets us apart from the other virtual airlines, give us a few minutes and we'll tell you exactly why we are so unique!

With the hard work and dedication of the many individuals it takes to run and operate this virtual airline, we have over time proven ourselves to be one of the best virtual airlines in the world, and the best and most active virtual airline in the pacific region.

We are commited!We put our pilots first to ensure an experience unlike any other

We have some of the most active and dedicated staff around, with updates being rolled out constantly, improvement and change is always occuring. We have been in operation since 2011 and have no intention of slowing down!

A vibrant community!We have a highly active pilot base that remains highly social

Our community is alive with activity! From our community forum to our Discord server, you will always find someone available to talk, share ideas, catch up on the latest in the flight simulation community from others in our tight nicked community.

A realistic environment!We constantly work on our systems and techniques to ensure the experience remains realistic

Countless hours are spend developing and researching the best techniques to achieve a realistic environment. Our state of the art dispatch and flight booking system really gives you the immersion of operating a scheduled Qantas flight just like the real world Qantas flight crew.

A trusted software suite!We use only the best software on the market

We are using some of the best software in the industry. TFDI's state of the art ACARS system makes flight tracking a breeze!

A large schedule database!Our schedules are up-to-date and contain codeshare routes too!

We didn't just stop at the Qantas schedules, we offer all of Qantas' codeshare partner routes as well, giving you flexibility on who you fly for and where you operate in the world.

So, what are you waiting for?Embrace the spirit with Q Virtual